The SPARK – e is an entry level machine in the vertical series and is the most economical drill tap machining center in India. This machine is developed for small scale industries with batch production, educational institutions and training centers. Despite its compactness and dedication for drill - tap application, the machine is also loaded with full milling capabilities. The product is calibrated and tested like any other machining center to provide the necessary quality of components. The Siemens control system makes the machine insanely simple to operate.


DART- m is the second machine in the dart family. The increased table size and higher spindle speed gets this machine higher up the order after DART – s, hence the suffix - m. The machine is loaded with table size of 800*400 and has stroke size of 500*400*350 along x, y and z axis respectively. With a rigid structure and high precision parts one can achieve high accuracy and productivity.


The column moving vertical machining center, Fier-V has all three axis of movement provided to the spindle housed in the column of the machine. The Compact Column Moving Series can help one achieve high precision, higher productivity and easy integration into an automatic manufacturing line. The rigid fixed table combined with the traveling column maximizes machining efficiency and accuracy, reaching every corner of table to the fullest. Strength of the machine is in its modular structure allowing it to be built with an automatic pallet changer or a fixed table of different sizes suiting the application. The machine is made compact with smaller footprint of 1.7m wide. The structure of Fier – V makes it most suitable for automation interface.


The column moving horizontal machining center, FIER-H is the new generation of horizontal machining centers introduced by AMS at IMTEX. The machine has all three axes movement given to the tool. Continuous demand from the customers has inspired AMS to adapt the column moving configuration to meet the various requirements. The machine is made compact with smaller foot print of 1.7m wide. The machine structure makes FIER-H most suitable for automation.


At IMTEX-2013, two more products have been launched to meet specific application requirements of the industry. A Gemini model called the Gemini – MAX with larger spindle size, more power and higher work envelope has been introduced. The rigidly designed machine is offered with BT-50 or the HSK A-100 spindle tapers.


To meet the requirements of high speed compact applications, a smaller twin spindle machine called the GEMINI MINI is been introduced. The Gemini-Mini is more suitable for smaller components requiring frequent tool changes. The machine is designed with two BBT-30 spindles driven by a single spindle motor. The product is an attractive alternative to many of the faster centers available at a dearer price. The Gemini Mini is also available with an optional rotary type APC.


The DM-500 is discerned by a completely new design, the box in box design supports the spindle headstock. The concept of allowing the table to move only along y axes lets a variety of components to be loaded on to the table, especially the large sized heavier ones to be machined on it comfortably. High precision cartridge type spindles, high spindle speeds and feed rates ensures the demand for superior performance is met. Apart from its rigid and symmetric structure the machine also boasts of machining components with complex geometries and smaller tolerances. The structural configuration of the machine makes it suitable for a die - mold or aerospace applications. Equipped with the latest operator friendly control systems from Siemens or Fanuc, this machine provide a myriad of options to suit your machining needs. The new design ensures free flowing chips, giving them an uncluttered space for easy chip disposal. The minimized overhang of the axis structure provides superior machining accuracies.

MCH 800

The new moving column horizontal machine, MCH 80 is equipped with a high power spindle delivering a maximum torque of 1440 Nm. The rugged design allows heavy material removal with sufficient ease. the large work envelope and servo controlled indexing mechanism makes is most suitable for high accuracy components such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, gear cases, pumps etc.

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