AMS has always believed that one is born as human to serve the deserving. It is also conceived that help could be physical, psychological or financial. As a social responsibility the organization has done various deeds of compassion and nobleness. Employment to the deserving, sponsoring education for poor children, supporting development of our suppliers, building numerous temples, sponsoring sports and educational events etc. are some of common activities followed at AMS. The company has adopted roads with street-lights and bus-stops around its locality.

Other than the company assuming social responsibility it strongly promotes the thought of helpfulness among its employees. Every day starts with a morning session where all employees of the company irrespective of grade or designation assemble at a common place where simple exercises of meditation and breathing are performed to rejuvenate them. At the same platform employees are picked randomly to share a story each of any noble deed of kindness shown to an unknown person or to the society by them. This has encouraged all employees to lookout for opportunities to help others. A culture of positivity has been built-in, which is contagious. Together the company and the employees seek to bring about a change for better in the society and the country.

Ashwa Racing is a student project based out of R.V College Of Engineering. The team builds formula style race car prototypes and competes in engineering design challenges organised by the SAE. The team fabricated its first event ready Hybrid car in 2015. They showcased the prototype at Formula Hybrid-2015, conducted in New Hampshire, USA.

Ashwa Racing stood 7th out of 17 teams in its maiden performance. The team is extremely thankful to AMSL India for being a gold sponsor in its first hybrid venture.

The team members realise the importance of eco-friendly technology in today's world, and will continue its work on Hybrid vehicles.