The existing plant of AMS including the corporate office and the factory is spread over 10 acres of land in Peenya. The Phase 1 of the plant has 200,000 square feet of built up area with the capability to manufacture 1500 machines in a year. All the manufactured components necessary for production are machined on high precision mother machines either at AMS’s subsidiary companies or at one of the many dedicated vendors of AMS. The inspection of the incoming parts and assembly process is carried out within the premises of AMS. A machine shop dedicated for the finishing of critical components, exists within the premises up area with the capability to manufacture 1200 machines in a year. There is a semi-automated painting line where the components are moved into the paint-booth on a conveyor. The finished components come out of a baking oven ready to be taken for assembly.

Currently, construction of phase 2 plant is under execution, enabling us to make 3000 machines a year in total. The company intends to build infrastructure to cater to existing and future market demands both locally and globally.
AMS values the depleting natural resources and has endeavored conserving them for the future generations. With over 10000 fruits & flowers bearing plants and trees, AMS provides a healthy and stress free environment. The state of the art buildings are designed in an open architecture with large windows providing abundant natural light and air. This natural air circulation keeps the temperature lower than the outside using minimum artificial ventilation. The shop floor has turbo ventilators which suck the hot air out naturally allowing fresh air to flow-in through the garden outside. The company does rain water harvesting and reuses them for various purposes.

The company promotes extracurricular activities such as cricket matches, skits, music, and dance and provides various platforms to bring out the talents of its employees and their children. There is a large yoga room to relax the mind in the midst of stressful work. The employees are encouraged to spend time at the garden in their free-time. Employees are also given an opportunity to plant saplings with their name around it. They have witnessed the growth of the plants along with their growth.