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Dart m XL is one of the compact DTC with full milling capabilities. This high speed drill tap center is an ideal choice for any machine shop demanding higher accuracy and mass production. This machine is equipped with pocket tilting ATC. Reduced chip to chip time ensures minimized cutting time and better productivity. This machine is also loaded with advanced CNC system to match acceleration of 1g.

Gemini 460

The twin spindle machines have gained popularity in auto-component manufacturing industry due to its aptness for high volume production and structural rigidity. Rated as one of the most versatile twin spindle machining centers, these machines can also be loaded with Rotary type automatic pallet changer ensuring increase in productivity and better fixture interface. The machine is offered with a center distance of 460 mm between spindles.

Gemini H 330

The only Indian machine tool builder to manufacture twin spindle horizontal machining center. Along with compactness the machine also boasts about heavy milling capabilities. The machine is loaded with drum type tool storage system for faster tool change time. Rated as one of the most versatile twin spindle horizontal machining centers, this machine is ideal for high volume component manufacturing. The machine is offered with a center distance of 330mm between spindles. Loaded with LM guideways for all three axes, the machine can be operated at a rapid rate of 40m/min.

Fier V

The column moving vertical machining center, Fier-V has all three axis of movement provided to the spindle housed in the column of the machine. The Compact Column Moving Series can help one achieve high precision, higher productivity and easy integration into an automatic manufacturing line. The rigid fixed table combined with the traveling column maximizes machining efficiency and accuracy, reaching every corner of table to the fullest. Strength of the machine is in its modular structure allowing it to be built with an automatic pallet changer or a fixed table of different sizes suiting the application. The machine is made compact with smaller footprint of 1.7m wide. The structure of Fier – V makes it most suitable for automation interface.

G 670 5 AX

The simultaneous 5 axes machining center has a compact foot print which is ergonomically designed for outstanding dynamic rigidity. The machine is loaded with high dynamic rotary axes with direct driven motors. The work zone of this machine is completely isolated for better chip and coolant management system.