Quality Policy: "We are committed to achieve total satisfaction of our customers through timely delivery, innovation, development and continual improvement of products, processes, people and suppliers with effective implementation of quality management systems"

AMS is ISO 9001- 2008 certified for quality management system by TUV-NORD.
All products for export markets are CE certified.

Inspection and testing for quality standards is a vital part of the machine building process at AMS. The machines are subjected to various tests throughout the assembly process prior to its dispatch to meet international quality standards.

The machines undergo a series of geometrical tests at multiple stages of assembly as per IS / NMTBA Standards. they undergo Heavy cutting test which is carried out to ensure smooth cutting at its maximum capacity.

NAS cutting test is carried out to ensure machining accuracies are as per national aerospace standards. Parameters like, circularity, parallelism, squareness, etc. are evaluated using NAS cutting test.

Laser calibration test is done for positional and geometrical accuracy checks like linear positional errors, repeatability, reversal errors, pitch, yaw and straightness errors in slide motion and squareness among axes.

Ball bar test is performed to measure geometrical errors present in the CNC machines and detect inaccuracies induced by its controller and servo drive systems. The deviation from the circle gives us inaccuracies like reversal error , straightness of slide movements, relative squareness of axes, Lateral play in the axis, Positioning accuracy, reversal spike, servo system lag and lead error, etc.

The machined components are tested on precision co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) and verified for the accuracy of machining.

All spindles are thermally stabilized at ambient temperature to perform within the working range. Dynamic balancing of all spindles are performed to ensure superior performance.

The CNC parameters of the machines are also tuned using specialized software. Here the system related parameters and the spindle & servomotor related parameters are fine tuned to obtain optimized performance.

Upon completion of all the assembly related activities the machine is subjected to a continuous sequence running where the entire machine with all the subsystems are subjected to functional test continuously for 24hours. This ensures fault free working of all functions on the machine prior to dispatch.